Cover art uploading is down again

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Cover art uploading is down again

Bill Purosky
It's giving the same error as last time.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<Error><Code>SlowDown</Code><Message>Please reduce your request rate.</Message><Resource /><RequestId>da7df190-ae15-4bc3-aa3e-8c71567385f7</RequestId></Error>

Billy Yank

Bill Purosky

"Security is an illusion.  It keeps you from curling into a ball and screaming until the universe inevitably betrays and eats you."
"There is no place to be safe?"
"The universe is very hungry."
"So I suppose that free will, courage, love and cake are all illusions too?"
"Oh, cake is real."
   - Vexxarr and Sploorfix from Vexxarr! by Hunter Cressall

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