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End of year fundraiser!

Robert Kaye
MusicBrainz' servers are smoking and generally overloaded these days.  
Fortunately, we have one more unused server that needs drives and a  
RAID controller before we can use it. Rich Gibson, a friend of  
MusicBrainz has even pledged a place for us to stash the server for  

So, to make that happen I would like to kill two birds with one stone:

    1. Get you a tax deduction before tax year 2005 comes to a close
    2. Get more hardware to bring another server online.

This will allow us to bring one new server online. This new server  
would be used for Picard tagging, calculating indexes for Picard and  
the upcoming PimpMyTunes command line tagger. Before too long we  
would also perform all MusicBrainz searches with this machine. This  
would give much better search results and lighten the load on the  
main database server.

 From now until the end of the year, if we collect $500, I will  

     * Two Ultra 320 SCSI 36Gb drives for about $150 each
     * One Adaptec Zero Channel RAID controller for about $200

and then boot the server and put it to use as outlined above. If we  
collect $1000, I will also purchase the following to upgrade zim (the  
all purpose server) from the current single drive configuration that  
is too small for our current needs:

     * One SATA RAID Controller for about $250
     * Two SATA150 200Gb Seagate drives for $150 each

If you feel like MusicBrainz needs more capacity and/or you could use  
a tax break on this year's taxes, please make a donation today!

Donate here:


If you prefer to send us a check, click the donate link for our  
address -- just make sure that you drop the check in the mail before  
the year is over!


--ruaok      Somewhere in Texas a village is *still* missing its idiot.

Robert Kaye     --     [hidden email]     --    http://mayhem-chaos.net

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