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Ian McEwen

I've updated the languages domain on transifex in light of the changes at -- specifically, this removes a large number of unused languages. You'll notice that your languages domain completion stats have risen sharply. However, some translations (for those aforementioned unused languages) aren't going to be accessible via transifex directly as a result. If you'd like to recover these translations, you should use the last backup version from nikki's translations branch: (file languages.your_LANG.po). In the future, if you'd like to optimistically "work ahead" and translate language names that we aren't currently using (presumably, with the assumption we eventually might), you can use the languages_notrim.pot file as a list to work from:

In related news, congratulations to our Dutch translation, which is now 85% done for the musicbrainz-server work, Spanish and Finnish at 65% each, and French (France), now at 56% complete, for being the first four languages to pass 50% completion (though by somewhat unconventional means).

Congratulations also to Italian at 49% complete, but notably the most complete translation within the main server domain (98%) as well as the attributes domain (100%, along with en_CA, fi, and nl), the two highest-priority domains!

Happy translating -- hopefully a less daunting languages domain can be some inspiration.

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