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Ian McEwen
I've just updated the .pot files to the current beta branch. Changes include:

* Some instruments have been added, as well as their descriptions: 17-string koto, algozey, archlute, cornamuse, fife, hang, laser harp, spil├ąpipa, tumbi, and virginal.
* One language changed to be enabled (frequency 0 to frequency 1): Veps
* Some relationships have been deprecated or amended since the last update
* Various strings changed line numbers but nothing else
* Some strings in the server domain have been amended for clarity, especially a number of strings related to reports (titles, descriptions, etc.)
* A few strings have been outright added, that were untranslatable before, or which were added along with new features.

The full set of changes, in diff format, can be found at https://gist.github.com/3118555

Happy translating, and I'd love feedback on:
a.) removing unused languages from the .pot files and
b.) the language switcher, live on http://i18n.mbsandbox.org

Ian McEwen <[hidden email]> <[hidden email]>
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