Picard 0.10 released!

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Picard 0.10 released!

Lukáš Lalinský

the final version of Picard 0.10 is finally released. There is not many
changes since the RC, but it still took me 2 months to find time to do
the release - sorry about that.

As usually, it can be downloaded from
http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardDownload . For now only source code
tarball and Windows installer. Mac OS X package will hopefully be ready

Changes since the RC are:

 * Fixed crash when reading CD TOC on 64-bit systems
 * Fixed handling of MP4 files with no metadata
 * Change the hotkey for help to the right key for OS X
 * Replace special characters after tagger script evalutaion to allow
   special characters being replaced by tagger script
 * Actually ignore 'ignored (folksonomy) tags'
 * Remove dependency on Mutagen 1.13, version 1.11 is enough now
 * Escape ampersand in release selection (#3748)


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