Picard 0.9.0 BETA released!

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Picard 0.9.0 BETA released!

Lukáš Lalinský
Hi all,

after a long time, here comes the beta version of Picard 0.9 (aka
PicardQt). First I have to say, sorry that it took me so long to make
this release. There was an important regression in the last alpha
releases, which caused that Picard started randomly crashing and the
bug wasn't very easy to find. Hopefully it should be back to normal.

Changes since the last release are:

 * Save ASIN to MP4 files.
 * Add a --disable-locales option to setup.py build. (Santiago M. Mola)
 * New threading code, should make Picard crash less and be faster.
 * Replace initial dot in file and directory names. (#3204, Philipp Wolfer)
 * Fixed caps in the default cover art image. (#3242, Bogdan Butnaru)
 * Fixed broken naming preview. (#3214, Daniel Bumke)
 * Re-enable the drag/drop target indicators. (#3106)
 * Fix adding files and directories from the command line. (#3075)
 * Don't show the cover art box by default.
 * Lookup files individually for "Unmatched Files", not as a cluster.

There should be no upgrade surprises, except cleared password in the
options, which you will have to re-enter. All plugins that worked with
0.9.0alpha14 should work also with this release.

The download links are on http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardDownload.
Currently we have only source code tarball and Windows installer.
Later today I'd like to build Ubuntu 7.10 packages. Eventually also
Mac OS X installer should be added, but we need to find a volunteer to
build and maintain it. :)


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