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Picard 1.1 released


Three months after the big release of Picard 1.0, we've released version 1.1
today with a good batch of changes.

Before discussing those, let's say thanks to everyone who has contributed to
version 1.1! Wieland Hoffmann (Mineo), Lukáš Lalinský, Frederik S. Olesen
(Freso), and Johannes Weißl (weisslj) have all made some notable changes to
make this release possible.

Users of the German translation should no longer experience any menu display
issues. (Sorry for the annoyance that has caused!) Speaking of languages: the
"language" tag now stores the lyrics language instead of the tracklist

Windows users should also no longer run into any trouble with drag-and-drop
after launching Picard for the first time.

The new version can be downloaded at:

Please report any new bugs at:

Here's the list of changes since 1.0:

 * Always show basic tags in metadata comparison box, even if empty (title,
   artist, album, tracknumber, ~length, date) (PICARD-201)
 * Fixed AcoustID submission failure after removing files from Picard (PICARD-82)
 * Allow multi-select in new MetaDataBox for delete/remove tags (PICARD-194)
 * File browser remembers last directory/no longer crashes on OS X (PICARD-104)
 * Removed the "Run Picard" option from the Windows installer (PICARD-11)
 * Refreshing a non-album track correctly clears previous track metadata (PICARD-220)
 * Fixed the preserved tags setting for tags with uppercase characters (PICARD-217)
 * Added a completion box to the preserved tags setting, and clarified how it works
 * Store lyrics language in tags instead of text representation language (PICARD-242)
 * Fix various oddities in the metadata comparison box (PICARD-255, PICARD-256)

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