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Picard Barcode Scanner for Android

Philipp Wolfer-3

Following the Picard 1.0 release I have cleaned up my Picard Barcode Scanner for Android, which I originally developed for my personal use. It is a small app which allows you to load releases into MusicBrainz Picard by using your phone as a barcode scanner. Just scan the barcode of an album and it will search MusicBrainz for matching releases and load them into Picard's right tab.

I used it to tag a large amount of files for which I had the CDs and some LPs lying on my table. It made it a bit easier to load the correct releases and then just drag'n'drop the files over to tag them. Maybe this is also useful for some of you, even though the app itself is quite basic and has some rough edges.

 * Picard 1.0 (older versions have a small bug in the browser integration)
 * An Android phone (Android 2.2 or higher)
 * Your phone and the computer running Picard should be both on the same network, and the port 8000 should be accessible

The app APK and the source code are available from https://github.com/phw/PicardBarcodeScanner .


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