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Alex Mauer
On 06/08/2012 01:57 AM, RocknRollArchivist wrote:
> With the advent of Cover Art Archive it's time to revise the existing
> packaging types.

I don’t think its relevant to cover art, actually. We can upload all
cover art regardless of what packaging types we have.

This should actually go to the style list, not mb-users.

> 1. "Jewel Case" should be divided to:
> - "Single Jewel Case" (with one or two discs);
> - "Double Jewel Case" (with 2-3-4-5-6 discs and sometimes with only one,
> when the booklet is too heavy).
> It's important for the Cover Art. The front cover of a double jewel case is
> different (rectangular shape instead of square, and else with spines). The
> inlay/booklet of a double jewel case is separate to front cover, it has its
> own front and back covers.

I don’t see much benefit, given the scores of variations on jewel case
that there are, how quickly we would run out of ways to describe them,
and how little benefit there is to this. It’s completely irrelevant to
cover art too: nothing currently says that booklet must always be the front.

> 2. "Digibook" should be added. This type of packaging is very different to
> "Digipak" and became widespread in two types:
> - "Single Digibook"
> - "Double [or Long] Digibook"

I would support “book”, but I can’t see anything that makes it specially
“digibook” — a book with a couple of sleeves glued in to hold CDs is
still a book.

> 3. The boxed sets:
> - "Single Box"
> - "Double [or Long] Box"
> - "LP-size Box".
> The boxed set can contain a discs with different packaging types (single
> jewel case, double jewel case, cardboard/paper sleeve, etc.), so it should
> have else the additional packaging type for the included discs (or simply a
> possibility of combine two types, e.g. "Single Jewel Case" + "LP-size Box").

I would support simply “box”; trying to enumerate every variation of box
is an exercise in futility.

> 4. "Cardboard/Paper Sleeve" (important for the vinyl releases) should be
> divided to:
> - "Paper Sleeve"
> - "Single Cardboard Sleeve"
> - "Double Cardboard Sleeve".

The problem with this is that one person’s heavyweight paper is
another’s lightweight cardboard.

> 5. What is "Keep Case"?

It is the most common DVD case.
is the first Google result.

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