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Schema change release tomorrow!

Here is our official announcement for the schema change tomorrow:

Again, we've implemented only one change:

This change adds one column to the release_meta table that allows us to track if a release has cover art at our upcoming Cover Art Archive:

For now, its safe to ignore this column. We're not quite ready to announce the Cover Art Archive (CAA) to the whole world just yet, but if you go to: 

You can see what we're planning on doing there. We're nearly ready to make this project a reality, but we're still waiting on the Internet Archive to finish some features on their side before we can release it. Once we officially roll out support for the CAA, we'll have another (non-schema change) server release and then we will start using the cover_art_presence field in the release_meta table.

Once we've completed the release tomorrow, we will post detailed instructions here on how to update your slaves to start replication again.




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