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Mikhail Yakshin-2

I'm almost sure that this topic was already discussed somewhere, but,
can anyone me point to the rationale: why artists' sortnames are not
used for search automatically?

For example, I'm adding lots of artists with names in Russian. Of
course, their main names are spelling in cyrillic characters and I add
romanized transliterations as sortnames - everything seems to be all
right. But also, I need to do double work: I have to add these
transliterated sortnames as aliases (and wait for quite some time for
these moderations to apply, then check it and make sure it went ok).
This is hardly a good use for human resources and these tasks could be
automated, if there is no good reason *not* to use sortnames in searches

WBR, Mikhail Yakshin AKA GreyCat
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