Start working with our NGS database today!

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Start working with our NGS database today!

Robert Kaye

We've reached a significant milestone in our work towards NGS: The  
database migration script is complete enough to import and convert  
data from the main server. This gives you the opportunity to take a  
look and actually play with the database schema we plan to use for the  
NGS release. Please note that we do no guarantee this database format  
to be stable -- I'm certain that we'll have to make minor adjustments  
as we finish NGS. But overall, you should be able to get a solid idea  
as to where we are heading with the database for NGS.

In order to get started, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Create and import a copy of the data for the 20090524 release using  
a data dump from 20090619 or later (important!):

2. Convert the data using the current NGS codebase.

I would recommend reading both sets of INSTALL documents *before* you  
get started on this process. Please note that you will need Postgres  
8.3 to make this install work!

Finally, to see the first bits of NGS in action, check out my copy  
running on my dev server:


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