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Style dude evolves into the Style Council

Robert Kaye

As some of you may know, Tarragon has resigned from the post of
official style dude.

Upon hearing this news it became clear that the job of style dude has
grown beyond the job of one person, since there are too many style
issues (especially with AR) arising that one person cannot handle them
all. Given this premise and a number of discussions that I had with
brainerz on my trip about Europe, I've decided to expand the duties of
the style dude into the Style Council.

(While being fully aware of the name clash with the 80s band by the
same name, we couldn't help but laugh and were compelled to embrace the

The style council will be lead by Alexander Dupuy, who will shortly
introduce the finer details of this new group of people who will chart
MusicBrainz through the tricky matters of style issues. To support the
work of the style council, we have created a new musicbrainz-style
mailing list -- in the future if you have style related questions,
please post them there.

(subscribe here: )

Finally, I wanted to give Tarragon Allen a hearty thank you for all of
his hard work. I really appreciate everything Tarragon has done as the
Style Dude and I think MusicBrainz is a better place because of it.
Thank you very very much Tarragon!


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