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WikiDocs HowEditingWorks (was:Voting no on Album adds without release info)

Christov, as you are the Head of WikiDocs Migration:

I think many of these ideas could be implemented with the Include() method  
we discuss in the other thread.

And some of this information could simply go into HowEditingWorks which  
should replace mod_intro.html.


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Subject: Re: [mb-users] Re: Voting no on Album adds without release info
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 17:13:39 +0200

On 4/11/06, Nikki <[hidden email]> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 07:25:50AM -0700, Matt Perry wrote:
> > If it only takes two seconds to find a link to the album then why  
> doesn't
> > the original submitter add that info in the first place?  I think the
> > onus is on the submitter to supply such references, especially when  
> they
> > are FreeDB imports.
> They're never asked for it during the submission process.

Indeed, there were countless situations where modders—even some with a
few hundreds of passed mods, so somewhat experienced—were surprised
(and even annoyed, as if I was distrusting them) when I asked for a
link, but after I explained how voting works and why it's better that
modders look for links instead of voter (because (1) they usually know
the band and (2) we need three votes for each submission), as friendly
as I can express myself in English (this means lots of emoticons,
sadly), after all this I say, they usually understand, and add links
to all their submissions. At least, the good ones do. Sometimes they
even start voting.

Thing is, we really need to hand-hold modders a lot more, especially
new ones. The rules and guidelines are currently quite hard, so we
can't expect people with quick adds (an album or so) to read them, and
_then_ find out perhaps by context that half of them don't apply for
Japanese (for example).

In response to someone else's reply (Frederic, I think), true, it's
not very easy. But pieces of it are usually separated, and we can add
things as we go. For example, whenever "guess case" doesn't match what
the user added, the user is warned before submitting, and asked to
provide reasoning; also, voters are notified of this (a bot adds a
note). When a user adds an album, he is asked insistently but not
annoyingly to provide a link (and warned of the voters). If he doesn't
add a date, he is asked for one in the final page, with an

All this can be done without adding any separate screen or clicks to
the process, will just display warnings and explanations, not force
you to do anything, so even experienced modders can use it to help
them spot mistakes.

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