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WikiDocs New Contributor: Nyght

I just talked to Nyght on Skype. She wants to work on the wording about  
voting on the different static server pages.
I told her that this was the perfect project for WikiDocs. Instead of  
changing text on static pages, she can go and wikidocize these pages, and  
she's in.

So, we have a new member in the WikiDocs team. I do not know how  
collaboration with Wolfsong is working, so I am using this mailing list to  
coordinate things. I think we can be a little more verbose here about what  
is going on in the WikiDocs world. E.g. I see on Trac that Zout is working  
on some WikiDocs tasks, but I have no idea what exactly he has been doing  
and what was the outcome of it.

Also the procedure for collaboration is not very explicit. Wolfsong, how  
do you want people to collaborate with you?


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