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libxspf memory leak

Here are the details of the leak I see in case anyone else is interested. Any giveXXX() method with XspfData::TRANSFER will leak:

    this->d->props->giveInfo(makeAbsoluteUri(finalAccum), XspfData::TRANSFER);

This should transfer ownership of the memory to the library but doesn't because TRANSFER is false.
So, the giveXXX() and lendXXX() calls end up doing the same thing to deleteNewAndCopy.

    /*static*/ const bool XspfData::COPY = true;
    /*static*/ const bool XspfData::TRANSFER = false;
    void XspfData::giveInfo(XML_Char const * info, bool copy) {
        Toolbox::deleteNewAndCopy(this->d->info, this->d->ownInfo, info, copy);
    void XspfData::lendInfo(XML_Char const * info) {
        Toolbox::deleteNewAndCopy(this->d->info, this->d->ownInfo, info, false);

The last parameter of deleteNewAndCopy needs to be an enum of {COPY, TRANSFER, LEND} instead of a bool. This should be a relatively straightforward, if not tedious, fix.  Of course, I see that libxspf hasn't had a commit or release in over four years.  My guess is it's abandon-ware at this stage and nobody actually uses it.

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