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Alex Mauer
A question has come up about the meaning of the "performed" Advanced
Relationship.  My understanding is that using multiple "performed"
relationships from artists to a track is appropriate when multiple
arists all performed in a track.

   mdhowe: NO: This should be "guest performed" as SOAD is not normally
a member of Mase.
     Hawke: But they did perform the track. They are credited equally.
the relationship I attempted to create does not indicate that SOAD is a
member of Mase. That would be "memberOf". Re-creating this AR.
     mdhowe: The description for "guest performed" says: "This attribute
indicates a 'guest' performance where the performer is not usually part
of the band." This implies that "performed" means the artist IS usually
a part of the band. I understand wat you're saying but I think the only
real solution to this, within the current framework, is to create a new

Apparently though, mdhowe understands it to mean that the artist is a
member of the primary band associated with the track.

Who is correct?


-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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