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Lukáš Lalinský
The previous version had one serious bug (#2733), so here is a quick




Version 0.9.0alpha8 - 2007-04-15
 * New Features:
   * Notification of changed files in releases. (#2632, #2702)
 * Bux Fixes:
   * Don't open the file for analyzing twice. (#2733, #2734)
   * Save ASIN and release country to ID3 tags. (#2484, #2456)
   * Variable %country% renamed to %releasecountry%.
   * Save release country to MP4 and WMA tags.
   * Don't take unsupported tags into account when checking if the
     tags are 'complete' and the file should have 100% match. This
     fixes problems with showing the green check-marks for file
     with limited tag formats, like MP4 or WMA.
   * Ignore missing tag in $unset().

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