picard 0.9.0alpha9 released

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picard 0.9.0alpha9 released

Lukáš Lalinský

here is (hopefully) the last alpha release of PicardQt. If everything
goes well, I'll release a beta next week and make it a little more
public. After the beta release, I'll not change anything that would
cause backward compatibility problems (with plugins, tags, etc.), so I'd
like to ask you to review the current tag mapping:


If you see something that could be changed, please let me know.

The latest version can be downloaded as usually from:


(I'll build the Ubuntu package later today or tomorrow)

Changes from alpha8:

 * New Features:
   * The tag editor now accepts free-text tag names.
   * Load 'DJ-mixed by' AR data to %djmixer% tag.
   * Load 'Mixed by' AR data to %mixer% tag.
   * Delay the webservice client to do max. 1 request per second.
   * Sort files in clusters by disc number, track number and file name.
   * Support for any text frame in special variable %_id3:%.
   * Ignore empty ID3 text values.
   * Windows installer:
     * Removed DirectX-based decoder.
     * FFmpeg compiled with AAC (faad2) support.
 * Bug Fixes:
   * Save XSOP frame to ID3v2.3 tags. (#2484)
   * Use attributes like 'guest' or 'additional' also from generic
performer ARs.
   * Fixed capitalization of %releasetype% in file naming preview.
   * Fixed 'python setup.py build_ext' if py2app and setuptools are
   * ID3v2.3 frame TDAT should be written in format DDMM, not MMDD.
   * Don't display an error on Ogg and FLAC files with no tags.
   * Remove video files from the list of supported formats.
   * Always use musicbrainz.org for PUID submissions. (#2764)
   * Files/Pending Files count not reset/recalculated after removing
files. (#2541)
   * Removed files still get processed during fingerprinting. (#2738)
   * Read only text values from APEv2 tags. (#2828)

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