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.pot files updated, translations updated, freeze

Ian McEwen
The other week I mentioned that I wanted to work on automatic processes
for updating .pot files and translations, so I wanted to pass along that
I've created tools to make those updates much easier, using the same
tool we use for deployments to beta. Related, I've been updating the
.pot files and translations more reliably :)

So, the .pot files have been updated; the only substantive changes are
in the relationships domain; relationship description updates, as have
been happening lately.

The translations are also updated, and now that I'm doing a bit better
with the updating generally this can probably more strictly follow the
schedule designated for translations and the freeze/release process. So
to refresh anyone's memory who wasn't at that dev meeting months ago:
translations can continue to be updated through Thursday (which probably
means I'll updated them then, but probably not before), and then again
after the next release on Monday.

Happy translating!


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