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David Mandelberg

I have an idea for a new "I'm Feeling Lucky"-like page. It would have a
similar restriction system as the advanced moderation search, but would
search for virtually anything and display a random one.

This would be useful in a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: Alice (a normal user) goes to a random album with only
certain (e.g. kanji if Alice knows it, or latin1 if Alice doesn't know
any non-Latinate languages) character set in the artist, album title,
and track names and looks for style related errors.
Result: While this won't fix every error, it will make the data better

Scenario 2: Bob (a big classical fan) goes to random artist with death
before 1600 and birth after 1400 and fixes any errors in that artist's
Result: Some errors that most people probably wouldn't catch are found
and fixed.

Scenario 3: Carol (a new user who just wants to get used to the system)
goes to a random artist, album, track, or moderation to learn by
Result: Carol learns faster.

-- David / dseomn

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Wed May 18 23:27:12 UTC 2005

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